Florist Choice Bouquet  #2
Florist Choice Bouquet  #2
Florist Choice Bouquet  #2

Florist Choice Bouquet #2

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The "Florist Choice Bouquet" is a unique and artistic floral arrangement crafted by our skilled florists. With this option, you entrust our experts to curate a stunning bouquet using the finest flowers available, such as elegant roses, lush hydrangeas, and other complementary blooms.

This bouquet is a delightful surprise, as it allows our florists to showcase their creativity and expertise. While you may not know the exact flowers that will be included, you can be sure that each stem is handpicked for its freshness, beauty, and harmony with the overall arrangement.

In the "Florist Choice Bouquet," you can expect around 20 stems, which encompass both the flowers and the accompanying greenery. The bouquet will be elegantly wrapped, ready to brighten any space or occasion with its exquisite mix of colors, textures, and fragrances. It's a wonderful choice when you're looking to send a thoughtful gift that captures the essence of the season and the expertise of our talented florists.

Photos represent an overall style, look, and feel, which we may not be able to identically replicate in some instances. Seasons, market conditions, and availability may cause substitutions of flowers, greenery and vases to occur. We will always make sure the overall color scheme and design are as close as possible to the picture. All substitutions will be of equal or higher value.